Just wanted to say a few things about my experiences with GS so far.

I\'ve read that you need two soundcards to run GS and VST fully on one PC? That wasn\'t teh case for me.

I am using a pii 266, 64 meg, 2 not particularly great hard drives, VST and GS, using a MIXTREME and ASIO2 drivers.

It is all working rather well now, but I have to say GS caused me 90 percent of my problems. crash here, cant load there, stupid design everywhere.

they wont keep my custom if they don\'t do a complete rethink of the cumbersome interface, troublesome install, the fact that running GS alongside other apps is needlessly difficult to set-up, their apparent dont care if you need new hardware to run it attitude, and the really daft s-converter which makes you take days over converting an akai cd, then wont let you make new combined gigs via the editing software.

this software\'s ability is amazing, you\'d have to be really daft to throw it away due to crazy interface and design thinking.