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Topic: Spectrasonic's Atmosphere

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    Spectrasonic's Atmosphere

    Hey...Is there any straight piano sound in atmos?....if not..Are there any in stylus or trilogy?

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    Re: Spectrasonic's Atmosphere


    There are none in Stylus this is primarily a drum and percussion module, Trilogy is just Bass....

    There might be one in Atmosphere, but I don't have this library yet... It would be electronic sounding if there is..

    There are other piano libraries you could look at... It depends on your machine and format.


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    Re: Spectrasonic's Atmosphere

    No piano in either of the plugs. Though someone actually made Atmosphere sound like a bizare piano.

    They are all three very specialized in what they do, and they do it very very well. But none of them are bread & butter romplers.

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    Re: Spectrasonic's Atmosphere

    There are some patches that are prepared piano, which is a piano with various items inserted into or on top of the piano strings inside the piano, creating odd and interesting sounds and effects. No straight piano in Atmosphere, though.

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    Wink Re: Spectrasonic's Atmosphere

    Quite simply............ no.

    Spectrasonics plugins are not designed for this particular application at the moment.

    Stick around..... maybe at the end of this year we may see some interesting things!!!!

    but for now,... best to find your pianos elsewhere. There's plenty of great developers around, so no shortage of great pianos!!!

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