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Topic: Soundchaser TK1 & VSL

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    Soundchaser TK1 & VSL

    Since Soundchaser went belly up I was wondering if anyone could answer these questions. I\'ve got two TK 1\'s, one with Win98 and the other with XP home edition.
    1. Since my TK1\'s don\'t have DVD drives, can I buy external ones or replace the internal CDrom drives so I can load in the VSL library?
    2. Will I be able to use a lacie 120 gig firewire drive 7200RPM to run these samples from if I add an Adaptec fireconnect plus card?
    3. I would like to add a couple more Giga PC\'s to my rig. Should I buy a superfast Dell or something similar or should I go with another custom job by Carillon or a similar company. (My experience with Soundchaser was good but in the end I was left out in the cold)
    John Angier

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    Re: Soundchaser TK1 & VSL

    Thanks Lee,
    I\'m in New York City. Do you know of anyone in this area or how I might go about looking? Are books of any help. The server cases that you can add newer MOBO\'s etc sound like a great idea but I\'m not that handy with building computers.
    John Angier

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