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Topic: simple spdif i/o card

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    simple spdif i/o card

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced, simple interface (USB, PCI, whatever) that just offers a single stereo digital i/o (spdif coaxial preferably)?

    No MIDI, analog audio, wordclock, ADAT etc. required...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: simple spdif i/o card

    Thanks for the info Steve - I\'ve found this in the meantime which I can get for £65 ($105).

    What do you think? Is it \'pro\' enough or is there anything I should be wary of?



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    Re: simple spdif i/o card

    Hi Oliver,

    You\'re not going to find a card with just SP/DIF. It\'s too inexpensive to add the other capabilities. The least expensive quality sound card with SP/DIF that I\'m aware of is the M-Audio Audiophile 2496, which you usually see at about $199, though I\'ve seen it a little cheaper. good luck.


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    Re: simple spdif i/o card

    Hi Oliver,

    Is this for a Giga system or a sequencer. A Giga sound interface requires a GSIF driver. I don\'t see that on this Edirol product. Send them an email to see if that\'s something they offer. If you\'re going to use this with a sequencer then you\'ll need a driver appropriate to the sequencer. I know Logic and CuBase work best with ASIO drivers, though MME drivers can work with Logic (with higher latency). Why not bite the bullet and spend another $100 to get something you know works instead of playing Guinea Pig. Good luck.


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    Re: simple spdif i/o card


    I should have made it clearer - I use an M-Audio Delta 1010 on my Gigastudio PC, and an EgoSys Wami Rack 24 on a PC running Cubase SX.

    I\'m looking for a simple digital interface to hook up a 3rd computer via System Link to run extra instruments / effects in SX.

    However, I now realise that although there are some knowledgeable and friendly folks here, my post is not directly related to Gigastudio, so I\'ll stop wasting everyone\'s time and try the Steinberg forum!

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    Re: simple spdif i/o card


    Other than what I sent to you through email (Waveterminal 192L (with add-on card), I don\'t know of a simple answer that doesn\'t have ASIO drivers.

    I also gave you a US link - DUH - just noticed you are in teh UK - I think you may be able to get one of those from AudioTek or some other distributer in that neck of the wooods. Good luck.

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    Re: simple spdif i/o card


    Thanks a lot for the info - I\'ll check out the card soon.



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