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Topic: USB midi interfaces

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    USB midi interfaces

    I just wanna say.... I HATE USB MIDI INTERFACES! [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] (for my mac) this thing is such an unstable piece of _ _ _ _! my old pm8100 had the two serial ports and I ALWAYS! had midi going in and out! There has gotta be a better solution to this then USB. I so sick of losing midi everytime I turn my back. If it was as easy as re-inserting the USB cable, I wouldn\'t mind, or if they updated the drivers so it would work, i\'d be happy there too. but NO! I gotta be stuck with this unstable junk! And I\'ve been using this for how many years! only because I have to! or do I? Is there like a ethernet interface? I wish apple would put the old serials back in.

    What are you guys using on your macs?
    maybe I just need another USB brand....
    what are my other options?

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    You haven\'t told us which USB interface you use. I use a MIDISport 8x8 running on USB on one of my Giga machines and it works flawlessly.

    To answer the ethernet part - yes. Many people on this forum are running MIDIOverLan - check out www.musiclab.com.

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    ummm.... ok, it\'s a midisport. and the MIDIOverLan doesn\'t have midi inputs for my controller. It must be a mac thing, I\'ve emailed M-Audio about this.... nothing.

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    MIDIOverLan is a PC thing - but they are working on a Mac version.

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    I\'ve got five Emagic AMT8\'s networked together on my Mac, and they work great. I\'m also using AMT8\'s with a serial connection on my GS rigs.

    Avoid MidiSport USB interfaces for GigaStudio, because they have problems with certain interfaces (like RME). Actually, the problem is most likely not with MidiSport, but with GigaStudio\'s software kernel not playing nice with XP. Tascam has not been able to fix it.

    Lee Blaske
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">WOW! 5 of them! thats 640 midi channels! ....sweet.
    if you can get 5 of them going \"great\", then goodbye to MIDIsport! it\'s time to pay the dork at guitar center a visit, although I\'ll only get one.


    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    I have had nothing but problems with midiman usb interfaces on a MAC!!!

    They suck eggs. period.
    Motu stuff is completely stable for usb midi.

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    Originally posted by ed hamilton:
    I have had nothing but problems with midiman usb interfaces on a MAC!!!

    They suck eggs. period.
    Motu stuff is completely stable for usb midi.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">thanks
    I\'m glad i wasn\'t the only one!
    yes, they suck big time!

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    I\'ve got a Midisport 4x4 usb on one Giga PC (With a Gina24) and have been getting all kinds of pops and clicks (Via motherboard). Some people have told me it\'s a known problem with the Midisport. Any ideas?

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    Hi Guys,

    USB woes seem to pop up on every Giga forum in the world, I guess for good reason.

    The advice I got a couple of years or so ago when I was building a Giga PC was to avoid USB like the plague. As a result, I have USB totally disabled on my machine. Maybe this is overkill, but it works for me.

    MIDI options then, are either parallel or PCI based. If I were to do it again now, I\'d buy a soundcard with on-board MIDI. As it is, I have a Hammerfall 96/52 soundcard (no MIDI), so I run MIDI through a MOTU Micro Express (parallel).

    I\'m quite happy with the result.

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    Re: USB midi interfaces

    Has anybody tried it with USB 2.0 yet?
    I\'m curious to see if it works any better for midi.

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