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Topic: Help fixing my sustain pedal??

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    Help fixing my sustain pedal??

    Ok, I recently killed my sustain pedal by some combination of plugging into either my controller or my percussion controller, probably while it was powered up, which was admittedly not a good idea.

    I have taken it apart and am trying to fix it. All of the soldering points look good. I\'m thinking it might be the cord that\'s screwed up, so I\'m thinking about replacing the cord. (This is one of the piano-style pedals with a permanent cord attached.) So my plan is to release the solders and use a 3/4 inch plug, cut the end off and solder the wires into the pedal. Does anyone know of a reason why this would not work? Does anyone know which wire should go where, or how to tell which is which from looking at the one that\'s on there?

    Any help would be appreciated. I could even send digital pictures if someone wanted to take a look.

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    Re: Help fixing my sustain pedal??

    I think you mean 1/4 inch plug-I\'ve done this with no problem. Yes-polarity does matter...if you wire it wrong(there are only two choices)it will sustain when up and release when down.

    Here\'s how to check-either use alligator clips or skillfully hold the wires against the solder points on the pedal with one hand and fingers, while the other end is pluged into your keyboard-depress the pedal with your other hand and see if a note or chord will sustain on your keyboard-that\'s the tricky part-you need a third hand! Just use your pinky finger frim the hand that is depressing the pedal. If it works-great-if it sustains when you release the pedal, you\'ll know you\'ve got it backwards. Generally the hot wire is (+)positive and the ground wire/shield is (-)
    negative and this will help if there are symbols on your pedal where the wires attach(some pedals have a small printed circuit board. Of course you just solder and take your chances then undo and redo if necessary.

    Also, remember that momentary switches do wear out, but I\'ve never hurt one by plugging it in while the keyboard was on. If the switch does not work at all with either wiring choice-touching the two wires together and and quicly releasing or quickly releasing and then holding them together will make the keyboard sustain(in this case you are the switch and the two choices demonstrate the difference between a \"normally open\" or a \"normally closed\" momentary switch.

    Good Luck! Roger Barnes

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