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Topic: What Active Monitors are you all running with Giga?

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    What Active Monitors are you all running with Giga?

    Hi. I\'m considering getting some new active (self powered) monitors for my DAW. However, the amount of models is overwhelming. I\'m looking for a set within the price range of $600 per unit, with a flat EQ response and durability to loud volume levels. I have heard only good things about the Mackie HR824\'s, so they might be what I am after. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: What Active Monitors are you all running with Giga?

    I use Excel 101s and Excel 301s. They\'re built by a few ex-BBC engineers and in my opinion, they are truly wonderful. I run the 101s straight off my 03D desk and the 301\'s off a tiny Creek DA converter with a single volume control on the front. The 101s are incredibly accurate and suit near field work although the bass response has to be heard to beleive that it can eminate from such a small enclosure. The 301s are somewhat larger and pack more of a punch for mid-field listening. I also have a pair of these in my lounge and they sound beautiful.

    I auditioned various flavours of PMC, Dynaudio and Genelex. The Mackies you suggest don\'t compete in my view.

    Excel 101s = £1400 301s = £2500.
    (The new little PMC is well worth an audition for a budget speaker although it is not powered.)


    UK reseller = The Cornflake Shop, Windmill Street, London www.cornflake.co.uk

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