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Topic: Positive First Impressions

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    Positive First Impressions

    I just purchased Notion and installed it this morning.
    Installation was a snap and the manual seems well written.
    I updated to 1.6 without a problem
    I updated the instrument set without a problem.
    I added the string expansion without a problem.

    I began using the program:
    Score setup was no problem once I learned my way around.
    Playback sounded very good, note entry was a bit difficult without an audition feature, but I understand that is coming at some point. I can use a midi piano for the time being.

    I am a Finale 2006 and Sibelius 4.15 user. I rarely use Finale, but use Sibelius all the time. Notion has great potential, I look forward to the future enhancements that will make me go it first.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

    P4, 3.4 ghz, XP Pro SP2, 2 gig ram

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    Re: Positive First Impressions

    I used the demo and loved it. The sound is great and trouble free. It is strickly a composers software. The only issue I had was the printing. Each time you add an articulation or expression the score expands. I would recogmend saving a print copy without articulations and expressions for printing purposes unless you have an 11 X 17 printer.

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