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Topic: Hot Fiddle Playing Gal

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    Hot Fiddle Playing Gal

    This is Roxy Music at the Apollo playing Out Of The Blue from my favorite Roxy Music Album, 1974's Country Life. It takes a while to load but Lucy Wilkins ends it with a hot violin solo originally played by Eddie Jobson.


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    Re: Hot Fiddle Playing Gal

    Wow that's some fiddle playing, fastlane, amazing! Thanks for posting this. I wonder what brand of strings she uses.

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    Re: Hot Fiddle Playing Gal

    Good post. I'm a huge Roxy Music fan, especially of the first 5 albums. I think this performance is on one of my several videos I have of them. The solo is just a little bit extra impressive as the tempo here is quicker than the original recording.
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