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Topic: Egosys Gigastation Woes...

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    Egosys Gigastation Woes...

    The driver for the soundcard regularly craches the computer... blue screens of death with V x D failures. The longer Giga is open the worse it gets. Went to the Egosys site & downloaded the latest driver, got NO SOUND AT ALL. re-installed the original so I could at least play. Any known cures for this? Anyone else experiencing this? Can\'t get any help from Egosys...

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    Re: Egosys Gigastation Woes...

    What is your system configuration?
    In my giga pc (Athlon XP 1700+ with Egosys Gigastation)) I solved my crash problems switching from Windows 98SE to Windows XP.

    Also check the temperature in the BIOS is not too high...


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    Re: Egosys Gigastation Woes...

    I\'m using 98 SE w/ an Athlon 1700+ Giga96 2.2. The computer runs great during normal applications. When I open Giga, it starts fine, but within an hour it crashes, almost all the time. My BIOS temp seems fine. Which driver do you use? The latest one at their site doesn\'t work at all for me. I think I\'ll replace the soundcard before I wipe everything clean w/ XP. What kind of trouble were you having with Gigastation & 98SE?

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    Re: Egosys Gigastation Woes...

    Your system seems not too different from mine.

    My problem was the crash (blue screens), always during the playback (sometimes with endless loop of a little bit of audio...). This was after at least half hour or work; after the reboot Giga was fine... only until the next crash...
    I started using Gigastudio 98 2.2 but upgrading to 2.5 and installing the latest Gigastation driver (3.60) not solved the problem.

    Now, after switching to Windows XP, I use Gigastudio 96 2.53.00 and Gigastation 3.60 driver and Giga works very fine.
    So, based on my experience, my main suggestion of course is to format the hard drive and to install Windows XP. If you don\'t want to switch to XP try to upgrade Gigastudio to 2.5...
    Hope this helps, good luck pianojoe!


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