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Topic: ADAT question (regarding Gina24)

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    ADAT question (regarding Gina24)

    I\'m thinking on buying Echo Gina 24, because i need the 8 analog out, and the adat interface can help in some situations...

    I just have one question: can the adat interface be used to sync with other adat interface, i.e., if i use 2 adat\'s (lets imagine 2 computers with a gina interface) connected to a digital mixer, do i have sync problems?

    Must i use a word clock, or adat already have that type of sync?

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    Re: ADAT question (regarding Gina24)

    My question is more about sample sync, and not time-code sync, i.e., having a sync sample rate...

    There are 2 types of sync: the one that sync each sample of digital audio, to make shure that every digital audio output sample begins at the same time (usually it uses word clock connections to make this); and time-code sync, that you use to make sure that every recorder/player are sync in time, like begin to record at the same time, sync the audio from some device to sync with a movie from other devices, and usually it uses midi time-code (MTC), smpte, etc).

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