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Topic: sample rate changing pitch

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    sample rate changing pitch


    A new porblem has occured onmy previously stable GS system.

    The pitch of all output from the Gigastudio is suddenly out of tune by 1 semi tone.

    I have a digital interface to a Roland VS-2480, hence I suspect it is a timing issue. Either the roland or my PC / Sound Card (M Aui R-Bus) sampling rate is a little askew ...can\'t figure how to diagnose and fix.

    Have tried chang the Master / Slave clock relationship, but this doesn\'t seem to help.

    any suggestions ?

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    Re: sample rate changing pitch

    MAke sure you have your output on your audio card set to the same as the \"song\" on your VS

    VS\'s create songs at specific sample rates. This sometimes has to to with what \"mode\" you\'ve created teh song in. (MAS, MP1, etc).

    If you have your audio output set to 44.1 make sure the VS\'s open song is set to 44.1

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    Re: sample rate changing pitch

    Thanks King for the suggestion.
    This wasn\'t the solution ... the problem appears to have cleared itself up after a couple of PC re-boots. I think somehow the timing in PC droppped a few Herts. (haven\'t a clue how this can happen).

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