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Topic: GS+sonar2.0+XP: what sound card ?

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    GS+sonar2.0+XP: what sound card ?

    I need a new sound card for my PC(athlon xp + nforce2 mobo) under XP pro with GS and sonar 2.0.

    my choice is : DMX 6fire or midiman audiophile 2496.
    I ve read the 6fire doesnt work well under XP. is it a driver problem? Will the audiophile work better with my system ?


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    Re: GS+sonar2.0+XP: what sound card ?

    I don\'t use Sonar and don\'t know the DMX card. I can say the M-Audio products are generally very good. If you need super low latency the RME cards are generally viewed as the best if you\'re using ASIO drivers (maybe not with Sonar, but dunno). I know I plan to use the M-Audio DiO card because I like the idea of having optical output (something the 2496 lacks). It doesn\'t have an analog input however and that may be crucial for tracking purposes. I\'ll be using it for a standalone Giga rig so I\'ll just need analog and digital output.


    Steve Chandler

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