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Topic: Mixing Waves

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    Mixing Waves

    It is posible to mix two samples using a midi data ?

    I have two stereo waves and I want to assign bouth to the same key and then, for example, slide the mod whell to 20%, and get a mixed sound from 20% of the first wave and 80% of the second wave at the same time.

    I can do it using two channels and two diferent .gig, but, not in real time on Cakewalk, I must edit the tracks to get this effect, and I need to do it in realtime.

    If the gigasampler progs can´t do it, any sugestion ?



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    Re: Mixing Waves

    Use the DIMENSION function in the GS InstrumentEditor.
    If you want to control the Volume of the two Sounds
    via Wheel use ModWheel as Controller for the Dimension setting...

    Hope that helps - further infos in the Manual


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    Re: Mixing Waves

    Thx, but.. it Switch between two samples, and I want to mix.

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    Re: Mixing Waves

    You need to use the layer function as a dimension. You can layer two stereo samples together in the editor. Then, you can go to case properties and set the attenuation controller to any MIDI controller you want to use. It can be two controllers each mixing the volume like a mixing board would do or it could be a crossfade with a controller or the Mod Wheel. For the crossfade, you need to check the reverse polarity box on one of the layers.
    Take care

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