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Topic: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

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    Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Wendy Carlos (Switched On Bach, Tron, The Shining and many other projects) recently put up a page on her web site explaining how excited she is about Garritan products, starting with the Personal Orchestra and going on through the Strad.

    I can’t state it any better than she does, so please check out her page.


    Carlos has been at the forefront of innovation in synthesis and electronic music since the 1960s, and to me it’s a little unusual that in these days she could get so excited over something seemingly as mundane as an orchestral sample library. But she writes with great enthusiasm about how Garritan’s tools are revolutionizing the work of the composer and arranger.

    If anybody asks you what Garritan products are good for, just give them the URL above and let them read it for themselves. This is one of the best testimonials or endorsements that Garritan has ever gotten.
    Wheat Williams
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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Thanks Wheat for the link. Wendy has had this page up for several months and we are extremely honored.

    Wendy was one of the pioneers of electronic music, defined the genre and has been an inspiration to many. Switched-On Bach was perhaps the first album to use electronica as an alternative to an orchestra. This revolutionary album became the best-selling classical album of all time, selling more copies than all other classical albums combined for many years. Wendy assisted Bob Moog in the development of his synthesizer and helped pioneer synthesizer technology. Wendy has written some of the most innovative electronic musician of our time, writing music for films (Clockwork Orange, Disney's Tron, etc.) as well as other best-selling albums. Her music has changed my life early on and I may not have ventured into music technology if it was not for her.

    I am fortunate that Wendy is a personal friend and very helpful in the development of our products - offering advice and suggestions to make them so much better.

    Wendy visits this forum from time to time and please extend every courtesy in this thread.

    Gary Garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Hey Gary, congratulations on having one of the biggest names in electronic music putting such a great endorsement on her web site. I remember in previous posts you talking about using Ms. Carlos as a consultant when programming GPO. I think you even posted pictures of her home studio at the time.

    Anyway, Wendy Carlos is definitely one of the biggest influences in my life and may be the reason I began playing with electronic instruments in the 80s and pretty much used only additive synths until I got GPO.

    I was very young when I first heard Switched on Bach. From it I gained a love of both electronic music and JS Bach. About 35 years (about 85% of my life) later and JS Bach is still my favorite composer and I am playing electronic instruments.

    Anyway, it must be nice working with such a legend.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Having follow Wheat's advice, I went to Wendy's site. What a very pleasant surprise. I have loved her music since Switched on Bach. She is one of the reason's I start using computers and learning about electronic music. The article seemed genuinely sincere and I have no doubt that it was.

    Congratulations, Gary on having such fine and affordable tools for music and on the comments Wendy Carlos made concerning them.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Wendy Carlos is undoubtedly one of the giants of this
    endeavor, and one for whom I have the most profound
    respect and regard -- I doubt we would all be doing what
    we are doing, here, today, were it not for her efforts.

    It's great to see Ms. Carlos so strongly behind Gary's
    work -- though it does not surprise me in the least that
    she would appreciate the work as she does. These
    pioneers, they tend to like to hang out together... lol.


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    Thumbs up Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    This is an awesome write-up, not only because it comes from a luminary figure like Wendy Carlos, but that it really gets into the meat-and-potatos rationale for how Garritan libraries have continued to develop a new class of virtual instrumentation. It's really exciting to be along for the ride as Garritan breaks through the sampling pleateau and makes new levels of expression accessible to musicians of all stripes. Life is good.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    I, too, am a big fan of Ms. Carlos. I've still got the original LP of "Switched on Bach." It was simply amazing to a young person what electronics (and a good musician!) could do back then. And I'm still amazed today.

    I think Ms. Carlos' quote on the Garritan Universe sums up my feelings as well:
    " I love the clean, authentic sounds of all the instruments in both collections, and am impressed by the "BFTB" (Bang For The Buck) factor, a refreshingly modest price for definitive quality. The time, care and effort that went into them ought shame companies which are in it only for the money, and not also a love of this field." - Wendy Carlos

    Keith Walls

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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    What an honor that must be! Many congrats, Gary!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Ms. Carlos has always been a hero for me from her early Bach recordings to her incredible work in film scores. I have gone to see films that I didn't think I’d like for the sole purpose of listening to her music.

    It was such a wonderful pleasure to meet her at the AES show last year. I think I stammered like a kid who just met his sports idle.

    Many, many years ago I cut out a picture from one of the magazines of her in her studio with her Siamese cats. I still have it, and although it's getting very faded, as am I, It brings back the thrill I first had when listening to her early music.

    It's great to see that she is a DP fan. At least I have the knowledge that I'm doing two things right with DP and Garritan.


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    Re: Composer Wendy Carlos praises Garritan products

    Wendy Carlos made a big difference in my musical life, too. In the late 1960s I was a music student at a small junior college in Georgia. Some of us read in a music magazine that some musicians were using electronincs to make music. We'd never heard of a synthesizer, but I knew enough about electronics to build some small oscillators - sine wave, and square wave IIRC. We even figured out how to make some crude filters. We experimented with tape bouncing between my mono recorder and the school's stereo one.

    The faculty laughed at our efforts, but encouraged us - we were at least learning something.

    Then came Switched On Bach. I don't have the words to describe how stunned we were. It was more than we had imagined was possible with electronics. Even our teachers had to admit they were impressed, although they nitpicked the sounds as not sounding like real instruments. To us kids, the new sounds were wonderful.

    Very few musicians can be said to have changed the course of music development - Wendy is one of the few, and it's looking as though Gary's affordable sound libraries may represent such an important change, too.

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