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Topic: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    Hi Ellle,

    Echo Indigo sure looks good! Of course everyone has different needs, but I\'d be ecstatic if I had an easy, relatively economical live giga setup for playing one of the giga pianos.

    I wonder how latency would be with the Indigo and a USB midisport, or something like that? And if an internal laptop hard drive would be up to 4 hour gig? Do you have any opinions on that?

    It seems to me that if you need to hook up peripherals to a laptop, at a certain point it\'s just as easy and maybe more stable, to just bring a desktop in the first place.

    Thanks for telling us about the Indigo!


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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    Looks like the only output is for headphone.

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    I\'d have no problem using a stereo mini to 1/4 adapter!

    I have to get this thing.

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    My Echo Indigo arrived this morning and it has been working with my new lapyop just fine so far. I have yet to really challenge it with many voices or use audio capture but I did sequecne a fast passage for giga paino with big chords (six to eight notes at a time at sixteenth notes, 120 tempo) and there was no latency. So far it seems to work better than my Audiophile 24/96 from my old desktop, but my new laptop system is much faster. My main point is that it is a great card for $100. Sure is has no midi out but it is also very small and as a cardbus card opeates better than any USB solution could.
    I plan to buy a USB midi devise at some point so that I can use my midi controler but the reason I wanted a laptop workstation was to compose as cafes and lounges anyway.

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    Has anyone set this up with a midi interface yet? Latency? Pops?

    I really want to be able to play giga instruments from a notebook.

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    Jake-My Indigo is in route via UPS, after a month wait! I will give a report later this week of results with my Dell Inspiron 8200/WD Special Edition drive in Granite Digital firewire case, and a Midisport 2x2. I will also attempt to use Giga inside of Cubase SX with VST instruments using an RME Multiface and GS using the Indigo-when I try this now, my laptop complains with Gigapiano and Native Instruments B4 being played simultaneously.

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    The only breaks in sound experienced has occured during audio-capure and these are fairly rare - has occured twice in about six recording attempts, the other recording attempts have had no problems (fairly dense music for classical choir and AO strings). It is, however, likely that the rare breaks in recording are due to my hard drive as I am merely using the one that came with my Toshiba 5100.

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    Re: 99$ laptop GSIF audio card from Echo

    I\'ve been running the Indigo on a Thinkpad A31p with a midex 3. I run Cubase SX, Gigastudio and Reason. I\'m very happy with the results. I\'ve had a few issues with the drivers when bringing the machine back from hibernation. Other than that, I\'d highly recommend it as a portable output solution.

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