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Topic: Delta descision?

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    Delta descision?

    I am running logic audio 5 and need am desciding what sound card to get. Ive been looking at the delta 1010, 1010 lt, and 44. Is the 44 adequate?What is the difference between the 1010 and the 1010 lt performance wise. I noticed the 1010 has the silver box with it and the Lt doesn\'t. Is this the only difference? What is the box for? I am going to be running all software vst\'s but later I might get the roland jv-5050 sound module. Also can you hook up headphones to either? Sorry for the noob questions but i\'m new to computer audio.thanks

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    Re: Delta descision?

    Well. It MOSTLY depends on how many inputs/outputs you want. The Delta1010 is slightly better in sound performance, but you REALLY have to listen carefully and do hardcore testing to notice the differences. The Delta 44 or 66 are mighty fine choices and to my experience some of the best soundcards. This is esp. because of the ongoing driver updates - these cards dont slip behind. So nomatter what you choose - just keep it delta and you will be fine. It seems like you a somehow a \"newbie\" (to use your own words) therefor my arrow would clearly point at 44 or 66 (if u need digital outs/ins).

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Delta descision?

    What would be examples of what you would use digital out and in for? I\'m not sure I need it but might be good to have.

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    Re: Delta descision?

    Well. Do you have units that can transfer digital signals? Or do you wanna use regular jacks? I think you should settle for the 44. If you are not familiar with the other kind of stuff, you will be more then settled with the 44. Go, go, go!

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Delta descision?


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    Re: Delta descision?


    Email me sometime: dalamein@yahoo.com

    Happy new Year


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