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Topic: Luna II sound in GS

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    Luna II sound in GS

    Do you have to have the Luna 24/96 box to hear sound from Gigastudio? Or can it also with the PCI card alone. Not that I don\'t want to buy the Luna 24/96 box, but it\'s just a question, because I don\'t have the 24/96 box already.
    What are by the way the advantages of the A16 Ultra?

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    Re: Luna II sound in GS

    No. You can just use the Luna II PCI Audio Outs.

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    Re: Luna II sound in GS


    How can I use the outputs on the PCI then, because there\'s no sound output when I use GS?

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    Re: Luna II sound in GS

    First, drag a gsif module in your sfp routing surface, and then start giga. Your gsif module outs can be routed where you want them to go... Does it help?

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    Re: Luna II sound in GS


    Yes it worked.
    It seems I have yet to learn a lot of my new card. I\'ll read the SFP manuals to learn how the software works.

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    Re: Luna II sound in GS

    Have fun! And pay a visit at www.planetz.com forums! Nice folks there.

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