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Topic: What's the best way to import Akai CDs ??

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    What\'s the best way to import Akai CDs ??

    Many Akai programs uses the same wavesample but Giga is not smart enough to realise this, therefore, it saves the wave sample all over again making your average 600 Mb Akai CD well over 2.5 Gig in Giga format on my HD. Any suggestions around this problem WITHOUT having to go in and spend tons of time reediting. Thanks

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    Re: What\'s the best way to import Akai CDs ??

    Do you want to exchange AKAI S-1000/S-3000
    CD\'s ?
    I come from Holland and have lots of them !

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    Re: What\'s the best way to import Akai CDs ??

    AV I think this is a serious problem which needs to be addressed. It\'s fine to say that hard disks are getting bigger, but I can see no reason why any wave data should ever occur on disk more than once. Surely all Nemesys have to do is make the Gigasampler save \'pointers\' which direct the sampler to the original data?
    I worry that every time I save a job to its own directory, I\'m going to be rewriting the wav data - which could result in a massive waste of space in no time flat, especially with the way that Giga libraries tend to be exhorbitant users of disk space to start with.

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