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Topic: MOTU 2408mkIII

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    MOTU 2408mkIII

    Hello all,

    Has anyone used this card with GS160? If so what are your experiences?

    I\'ve searched the previous posts and didn\'t find much?

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: MOTU 2408mkIII


    I\'ve been testing this interface out actually. At first, we had some huge issues but after re-installing WinXP it\'s fine. I\'ve not really been able to dig into latency tests but so far it\'s working pretty well.

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    Re: MOTU 2408mkIII

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the reply. Let me know when you find out about the latency please.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: MOTU 2408mkIII


    Also, how about multi client operation? Have you tried this?


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    Re: MOTU 2408mkIII

    Not yet, been very busy.... hopefully in the next week or so. And for those that haven\'t heard, we are building awesome turn-key PC Giga systems now........

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    Re: MOTU 2408mkIII

    Thanks Brad,

    Also I checked your website for the GigaSystems but I don\'t think their on the site yet. Let me know when they\'re there so I can check that out.


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    Re: MOTU 2408mkIII

    They are not on the site yet.... the best information is to talk to me directly if you have questions. Actually, I am working on some very in-depth information abou why are systems are so good but that takes a lot of time... I\'m referring to web content, pictures, design information, why we do things the way we do, etc. For now you can visit my own personal site (www.audioandmidi.com) and click on PC/DAW for a sneak-peak.... Sorry if this post sounds commercial, but if it\'s about Giga and supporting it...that I do.

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