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Topic: Luna II software

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    Luna II software

    I recently bought the Luna II. I have a question about the software.
    I installed Scope Fusion Platform. Is this enough or do I also have to install Luna v2.5 software or other software?

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    Re: Luna II software

    I think SFP software is a full install kit... If everything works, then it must be all right! Have fun with your sound card! And pay a visit here if you haven\'t done it already: http://www.planetz.com/forums/index.php

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    Re: Luna II software

    Thanks for your answer. Everything works, except that once in a while the registration box appears, even though I registrated already with the allkeys file.

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    Re: Luna II software

    Related to heat...Your PC is probably too hot inside, try opening the case to see if it\'s the case...

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    Re: Luna II software

    My PC doesn\'t seem to hot on the inside to me. I don\'t understand why the registration box keeps appearing, even though I imported the allkeys file and it says everything is O.K., but it\'s not as the registration box keeps appearing.

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    Re: Luna II software

    The registration thing can be caused by heat, or maybe pci problem (irq sharing etc...) else i don\'t know either... But after opening your casing, did it improve?

    Also, make sure you got the latest version of SFP, the v3.1c is by far the best release they ever got...

    To install 3.1c (which is an update) you have to first install 3.1a or 3.1b... Then install 3.1c

    If you are still using an old version, first take the time to update, then try your thing again... These errors shouldn\'t happen at all...

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    Re: Luna II software

    Thanks for helping me.
    I also mailed to creamware about the problem.

    I\'ve used the latest version from the beginning,(the installationdisk was 3.1b, so I downloaded and installed the update to 3.1c) and everything went good, no problems at all. Also no PCI problems are found. Does it maybe matter in which PCI slot I put the card?
    My CPU Temperature is about 45 .C (MSI Mainboard). The registration box sometimes appears when I restart the computer and sometimes doesn\'t appear, so I can\'t really say if removing the casing will help. Else I should leave the casing off a long time and see if the registration doesn\'t appear anymore. Maybe I should try this.

    If it\'s the heat what\'s causing it, what can I do about the heat then?

    I can also try to reinstall the software.

    I discovered only one thing that\'s fault. In the software keys on the first page of the installation guide book that came with the Luna II two keys are switched compared to the allkeys I received after online registration: The Luna Software key in the book is the Luna v3 software key in the allkeys, and the Luna v3 software key in the book is the luna software key in the allkeys file. The rest of the keys are right. Is this maybe the problem?

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    Re: Luna II software

    Ok, it does not seem to be heat related then....

    Next step, what is the OS? I\'ll assume XP...
    What kind of motherboard are you using... Does it support APIC (this is available in newer board only), so if it support APIC, there should not be any problem here, if not, you have to install XP or W2K for that matter, into Standard PC mode...

    In the readme.txt that came with the sfp software, the procedure to install XP in Standard PC mode is described. By default, XP install in ACPI mode which can be troublesome in older motherboard.

    But first, check in your motherboard manuals, to find what are the PCI slot that share or not with other devices...

    For example, PCI slo1 very often share with AGP in alot of motherboard. So put your cw card elsewhere. If you want to augment performance (this is valid for most other audio card also), try to assign IRQ9 to it from the bios...

    Forget about changing IRQ in windows, this is no good and does not help. The reason behind this is that according to Intel specs, IRQ9 has the topmost priority after IRQ2 (which you can\'t use, this is the cascading device).

    After moving the cw card, be sure to reinstall driver, only driver need to be reinstalled, not the software...

    Also, if you use Standard PC mode in XP, make sure you have set \'Plug\'nPray OS\' in bios to disable.

    If you are using ACPI mode in XP, leave it to enable.

    Hope this help...If you still have trouble, come back here, or have a look at www.planetz.com/forums in the tips&tricks section. There is a complete thread on how to optimize Win9x or W2K&XP. Very detailled, with bunch of cross-referenced links


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    Re: Luna II software

    Thanks for the help [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    My motherboard supports APIC.

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    Re: Luna II software


    First thanks marcuspocus for his help about luna while I\'m trying to make decisions..

    I finnaly bought Luna II..Which is second hand. But brand new one, used only one month! Am I lucky or what? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    I hope the price is ok too which is $300..

    I guess I might get the master keyboard next month. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Then gigastudio with some \"light\" libraries...

    Well, here is my contrubution to topic:

    I\'m using WinXP with A7V133 mainboard which uses one of the most pci buggy version of via chipset.

    I\'ve mailed creamware and they have transferred cards registration to me same day.

    Then I\'ve installed included 3.1b software with allkeys.skf from website.

    I don\'t have a single issue since then.

    My system is also overheated (by amd athlon 1.4) so I don\'t think that\'s the problem.

    So it should be ACPI issue like marcuspocus said.

    I\'m using my system in Standard PC mode since ACPI defined!

    Try to install you OS again when it asks \"Press F6 for additional devices\" (or something like that, it is the first screen you will ever see after starting installation) press and hold F7 key for few seconds. This will disable ACPI and your os will be installed in \"Standard PC\" mode..

    Also irq 17 doesn\'t exists! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Really, it\'s a ACPI trick to get more virtual irq\'s for system. After installing os with \"Standart PC\" mode you will see it\'s real irq.

    Also generally it should be in one of the middle pci slots..

    I hope those helps.


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