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Topic: Need advice: RME Multiface vs Layla 24

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    Need advice: RME Multiface vs Layla 24

    Hi All,

    I\'m wondering who our here has worked with the RME Multiface or Layla 24? I\'m still in the pre-purchasing process of determining which setup is the best in terms of flexibility and latency. I am an XP user and wish to pipe audio from the unit to a Protools digidesign 888/24 IO (AES/EBU or S/PDIF). I am a piano player and low latency is a big deal for me.

    I would appreciate any feedback or advice you can give.


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    Re: Need advice: RME Multiface vs Layla 24

    One thing I forgot to add. I\'m planning on only using Gigastudio 160 as a sampler. Therefore, I am only interested in pushing sound out of my PC through the card to my ProTools 888/24 I/O (1 S/PDIF or 8 AES/EBU) or Digi 1622 I/O that would have 16 balanced 1/4 line inputs and outputs.

    I\'m assuming i could come out of the Layla or RME 1/4 line outputs directly to the inputs on the 1622 to give me 8 simultaneous connections. Once in Protools I will record/edit/mix the audio.

    I may eventually purchase some sequencing software but for now I just want the samples to record through PT.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    - DJ

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    Re: Need advice: RME Multiface vs Layla 24

    Hey DJ,

    I have the rme multiface (2 of them actually) and I use them for your exact purpose.

    They have performed flawlessly.
    Sound great and work well at the 64 sample buffer setting.
    This low buffer yeilds imperseptible latency and I am picky about that too.

    The multiface is a bit more expensive but I am more than happy with it.
    I am not sure about xp support yet. You might want to check the rme.com site for info.


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    Re: Need advice: RME Multiface vs Layla 24

    Hi Ed,

    Are you coming out of the RME through the 1/4 inch line outputs to a 1622 I/O, or to your 888/24?

    Also, why do you have two of them?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    - DJ

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    Re: Need advice: RME Multiface vs Layla 24

    No problems with the Multiface here either. Very quiet, high quality balanced +4dB output and no problems running with Gigastudio at the lowest latency settings.

    Only slight downside are the 1/4 inch jacks which are a little too close together on the back. Neutrik jacks are a bit of a tight fit.

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