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Topic: Frontier Design Dakota cards

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    Frontier Design Dakota cards

    anybody out there using Frontier Design\'s Dakota card with GigaStudio (standalone)? If so how is it, with particular regard to Latency and midi operation?

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    Re: Frontier Design Dakota cards

    My Dakota works very well with Gigastudio, unnoticable latency when the buffer is set to
    64 samples.


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    Re: Frontier Design Dakota cards

    I also use a Dakota with GigaStudio. It works very well. Never had any problems with latency or the like. I don\'t use it for MIDI, however, but rely upon an external MIDISport for that. The Dakota is strictly pushing audio.

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    Re: Frontier Design Dakota cards

    There are many cards out there for Giga to choose from. As a matter of fact, I have been exceptionally busy lately testing virtually every audio interface we carry as well as USB midi with our own turn-key Giga systems. The Frontier Labs cards are definitely one of those performing exceptionally well! More to come....actually, I\'ll have that information on my own website after the new year.

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