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Topic: Finale, JABB, and Mutes

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    Question Finale, JABB, and Mutes

    I do not have much remaining hair that can be pulled out, so I hope someone can help me out.

    I have Finale 2006c and use both full GPO and JABB. I also use HP. My problem is that I cannot access the various brass mutes in the JABB library. Though I do have a keyboard, I barely know how to use it, and do my score entry using a combination of Speedy and Simply entry.

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    Re: Finale, JABB, and Mutes

    I don't own JABB, Ron, but I suppose the mutes are part of KS instruments, yes? In that case you should be able to create your own KS expressions using the "Dump" playback option.

    In this example, "$05" is the GPO "9. Notation" pizz KS: it is MIDI note #5 ("$" means the number is hexadecimal, if you enter a number without "$" it will be interpreted as decimal) - middle C is MIDI note #60 (decimal) for reference. You can leave the other numbers as they are in the example.

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    Re: Finale, JABB, and Mutes

    Thanks Nickie,

    I had tried using dump, but I guess I my numbers were the wrong base. I'll try again and let you know how it turns out.

    (Wait for a symphonic work with JABB instruments added....)

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