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Topic: Terratec DMX 6Fire

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    Terratec DMX 6Fire

    Ok, couldn\'t get Gigastudio to work under XP. No surprise there, I couldn\'t make it work with the Echo Mia either. Dual booting XP and 98SE is ok with me. (Actually, I take that back. I could get it working with 2.5, but as soon as I went to 2.52/2.53, it wouldn\'t even load.)

    The part I\'m angry about is that I\'ve been using the DMX for regular non-GS recording lately, and everything seemed fine.. Til I played back the recorded WAV files. Clicks and pops. Just LOVELY. Nothing like getting 1.2GB of stuff that I have to redo. I checked the record levels, no reason for it to clip. Tried recording in 98SE and XP, same problem. Went into the mixer settings and turned everything WAYYYY down to get the volume levels to about 25% of normal, turned the mixer level down to -15db, turned the synth I was recording to about 4/10. Tried two synths, and different cables. Still sounds like it\'s clipping, but only on playback. (Played it back using my Live card, and in another computer.)

    Yanked out the Terratec, installed an Echo Layla20.

    Records perfectly, no clipping, even when turning the synth up to 8/10 and upping the recording levels 4db in the Echo mixer. WTF?

    I\'m using the next-to-latest Terratec drivers, as their FTP site isn\'t functional.

    Anyone else run into this? I\'m just weirded out, because as I watch the recording levels, there\'s no way it\'s clipping.

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    Re: Terratec DMX 6Fire

    I have the same problem.
    When I want to record something in a sequencer e.g. Sonar, there are all sorts of crackling noises when I run the DMX under Windows ME. The recordlevel isn\'t that high so that couldn\'t be the problem. The other problem is that I can\'t run Gigastudio with Sonar because in multiclient mode the card only supports the ASIO-driver.
    Further when I run the card in combination with Winamp I run into the same thing. Namely, lots of crackling noises.
    If you have the problem solved, could you send me a message with a possible solution for this?

    Many thanx already,


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    Re: Terratec DMX 6Fire

    Not really the best solution, but I\'ve been running my SB Live 5.1 with VXD drivers under 98SE and using the Echo Layla for recording. I might pop the Terratec into my other computer after I move and get everything set up.

    No crackles or pops. Ever. Even get full 160 Poly with the SB Live.

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