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Topic: Soundblaster to Audiophile?

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    Soundblaster to Audiophile?

    Hey all,

    After using soundfonts with my Soundblaster Live card for the past year, I discovered Gigastudio and have since bought it and realised the amazing things this program (and the giga instruments) can do.

    It appears that many people are recommending the Audiophile 2496 sound card... is it really worth me upgrading it from my Soundblaster Live card?

    If so, why?


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    Re: Soundblaster to Audiophile?

    Well, the fact that GigaStudio won\'t work with the Soundblaster might be a good reason to switch! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    I own the Audiophile 2496 card.. it\'s excellent. Look on eBay for good deals.

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    Re: Soundblaster to Audiophile?


    SoundBlaster works with GigaStudio. Except if the OS is Win 2000 or Win XP.

    I\'ve Win ME, and my Soundblaster works with Gigastudio. However, I\'m looking for better card to replace it.


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