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Topic: EWS88 MT

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    EWS88 MT

    How good is the EWS88 MT compared to Luna II compared to DIGI 9652 compared to Aark 24 compared to delta 10/10?

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    All those cards are basically IO cards with various latency, ranging from 1ms to more than 20ms (!).

    Luna is a digital mixer with 4aux send/return + ch. inserts, automatable by midi.

    All audio or midi can be freely routing internally (hw, asio, gsif, mme, midi).

    There is a bunch of effects in real time, and possibility to drive internal synths and samplers with extra low latency (typical latency of realtime effects or synth in all creamware card is sub 1ms)

    For example, you can route gsif driver out to asio driver in to record giga directly in Logic, all internal with no latency. No need for external mixers.

    It\'s like adding external hardware effects right into your giga, cubase, logic, fruityloops, etc... all in real time.

    I have 2 creamware cards (Luna2 + Pulsar1), and i would not change for anything else, i did tried midiman 1010, digi001, and a couple other cards....

    If you need IOs, get a:
    Luna EX for 16adats chan. at 24bits/48khz or 8ch. of 24bits/96khz thru S/MUX
    Luna Z-Link + A16U, for 16cha. of 24bits/96khz thru firewire.

    All creamware card can also do a spdif loop to use digital in/out of real external effects in aux of the internal mixer (like a send/return)

    They also provide you a way of adding any number of virtual midi port you can access thru your sequencer (up to 10 on W2K, os limitation), so you can access all four giga port at the same time from Logic, or cubase.

    The gsif driver as 32 channels, separated from the 64 asio2 channels, so giga and your sequencer are not competing for channels. That mean you can route all 32 output of giga to Logic thru asio in realtime.

    I love creamware, i think it shows... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    I now regret about my terratec EWS88 MT. I\'d better chosen for Creamware Luna. Does Creamware Luna also have a breakoutbox, or is it only a PCI card?

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    You can have 2 kind of optional breakout box:

    The A16Ultra, with 16 in / 16 out @ 24bits/96khz, balanced

    or the Luna IOBox with 8in / 8out @ 24bits/96khz, unbalanced.

    IMHO, quality of these compare with those from RME...

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    I have both EWS88MT and LunaII with the 8x8 box.

    Forget about EWS88MT when it works it\'s cool, but most of the time it gives you headache.

    And LunaII is way too cool...

    Thanks again marcuspocus for good advice


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    Re: EWS88 MT

    You\'re welcomed....

    BTW, i didn\'t see ya on planetz !?

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    Originally posted by marcuspocus:

    All creamware card can also do a spdif loop to use digital in/out of real external effects in aux of the internal mixer (like a send/return)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I wish you were right but that is not true. I have a Pulsar 2 + a Pulsar 1 in the same machine, and I cant get input in the SPDIF of the Pulsar 1 to work... I read somewhere that you have to set Pulsar to SLAVE to SPDIF to be able to use that input. Really stupid. So I have to route OUT of the SPDIF, INTO an RME card on another machine, then back to Pulsar via ADAT - it works, but it\'s a pretty lame routing

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    Yes, you are HALF right... Pulsar 1 doesn\'t support SPDIF loops, but all 2nd generation cards of CW do... My luna has an SPDIF loop with a MindPrint envoice using spdif connections... It\'s working perfectly....

    Pulsar have to be slave though, cuz Mindprint doesn\'t support spdif loop itself... But with some digital mixer, like Yamaha\'s, they are supporting spdif loop themself also, so Pulsar2 or Luna can stay Master....

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    www.infinitevortex.com has them for 335$US i think...

    And they give you a special xmas bonus

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    Re: EWS88 MT

    Thanks for the link, but I\'m European, does anyone know where I can buy the card there?

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