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Topic: Audiophile Midi + Audio problem

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    Audiophile Midi + Audio problem

    Anyone had this problem;
    When I play lots of midi data over the Audiophile midi input there are severe clicks and pops in the audio stream under Windows XP.
    I changed the midi signal path over the motherboard midi input and they were gone. So it seems the simultaneous midi and audio is causing this behaviour.
    I used to have a click-free Audiophile running both midi and audio under Windows 98 SE without any problem.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Audiophile Midi + Audio problem

    As I understand it, there have been long standing problems of this sort using the MIDI port on any of the Delta cards.

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    Re: Audiophile Midi + Audio problem

    I have had intermittent problems of this sort with this card and I have heard several people say that it was a problem with the card\'s ability to do both standard audio and midi data simultaneously. How exactly did you fix the problem Michiel and are you now using a separate card for audio (one for audio, one for midi) now? I would love to get rid of this problem and no one at Tascam or Midiman seem to have any good ideas. They simply say that it is some problem with the interaction of the hardware. Apparently parts of my computer have a dissociative disease. Thanks for any help. Sorry that I can\'t give you more information than that I have the same problem.


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