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Topic: Soundcard question

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    Soundcard question

    Hello everybody.

    I\'m planning to buy a new computer soon but am not sure which soundcard I should buy as I\'m not really watching what\'s going on on this market.
    Here\'s what I want to do.

    I want to use GS properly
    I want to be able to do mixes in 5.1, 6.1, DTS
    I want to be prepared for future upgrades of my studio
    and the other usual stuff.

    I was thinking of getting Audigy 2 but someone told me it\'s not that good. Someone told me I should get Terratec EWS 88MT. So I\'m pretty puzzled about all that and hope you can help me to make things clear.
    I\'d like to spend like 500$ max for the soundcard.

    Looking forward to any suggestions and thanks in advance.


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    Re: Soundcard question


    You really need to have a good look around..there are so many good cards about at the moment... If you want to use anything giga you really dont want to go for the audigy... dont get me wrong they are fantastic cards but not really in the relm of gigastudio. You may do well to have a listen at your local music store to hear the performance of some of the pro budget cards....some of them come with many good features.

    Will you be working with mainly audio? or are you going to be using midi a lot aswell? You will need to look into the compatability of your choices as well...will it run with your sequencer?....is the tech support worth the cash?
    does it take up a lot of space in the machine? Do you have the space in the machine? Are there any compatability problems with the card and the sysytem your buying...or even the OS?

    I dont mean to throw a spanner in the works but there is so much to consider. You will also find that if you asked the question to ten people. They would all give a different answer.

    Have a look at the links below and have a think what you want your machine to do.


    I would recomend a delta card though... very good for the price...

    if your in the uk look at the following url..


    I hope this helps

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    Re: Soundcard question

    I use the EWS88 MT with Gigastudio. It\'s a very good card to my opinion. I don\'t know how good this card is compared to creamware, RME, and other cards. I don\'t know why this card is not so much mentioned in this forum. Mostly you read about creamware, RME, MOTU, Midiman, Egosys cards. But I don\'t see a lot of the EWS88 MT, maybe because it\'s a card from 1998, a bit older then the others, or am I wrong?
    Maybe someone can tell more about the EWS88 MT compared to the other cards.

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