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Topic: 2 GSIF sound cards with GigaStudio

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    2 GSIF sound cards with GigaStudio

    I am running GS 96 2.53 on WinXP. It has been working fine with 1 WamiRack 24 Interface.

    I installed a second WamiRack 24 Interface in order to have 16 outputs. The 16 outputs are apparently visible for GS when I run a diagnotic, but I do not seem to able to activate the 2 cards at the same time. As a result, I am still left with only 8 outputs !

    2 questions:
    - Has anyone managed to run 2 WamiRack interfaces with GS and get all 16 outputs active ?
    - Has anyone managed to run 2 soundcards of some other type (each with 8 outs) and get all 16 outs active in GS ? If yest, what brand and models are you using ?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: 2 GSIF sound cards with GigaStudio

    I don\'t know about wami... But with Creamware Luna + Adat interface you can get 16 adat in/out, you can then assign those 16 adat out in Giga very easily. Or if you prefer 16 analog out, you can get the Creamware Luna + an A16Ultra, that way you can get 16in/16out in balanced analog with -10db or +4db (TRS). Creamware Luna has very low latency GSIF driver (1-3ms) which can also handle all 32 output of GSIF at the same time.

    i personnaly use 2 of them, love\'m, would not change them for anything else.

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