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Topic: Need simple sound card recommendation, please.

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    Need simple sound card recommendation, please.

    I am going to build a dedicated Giga machine.
    I want to keep it simple.

    My DAW uses a Gina 20, and I am extremely happy with my system. Everything (Sonar, Sound Forge, Acid, etc.) works perfectly, but Giga won\'t run.

    So...if I want the Giga PC to use a simple 2-channel audio card with SPDIF, and solid, problem-free drivers, what would you suggest?

    Built in MIDI would be awesome, but I suppose that\'s asking too much. When I changed my DAW to XP, I could no longer use my legacy MQX32M card, and I took someone\'s advice and bought a POS Egosys 4140. No more USB or parallel-port MIDI devices for me.


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    Re: Need simple sound card recommendation, please.

    I was using the Gina20 on one machine and the Hoontech Value24 on another. The Gina worked fine for GS under ME but I had problems from time to time under XP and have just replaced it (last night) with the Terratec EWX 24/96. I\'ve been beating on it pretty hard for the last 12 hours and am very pleased - sounds great and perfectly well behaved. The Value24 on the other machine is OK but I\'d have to say the the Terratec card seems superior and was only slightly more expensive (~169$ at musicians friend). At this point I\'d recommend the the terratec.


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    Re: Need simple sound card recommendation, please.

    I find the RME hammerfall series are rock solid.

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