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    Be aware that if you do buy a RME Multiface with a cardbus card for your laptop, you will probably not be able to use it without modifying the power supply! While using the laptop the interface does transmit the groundnoise of the powersupply. I do hope that RME will offer a fix or refund to all poeple concerned, which did allready bought a Multiface for their laptop. If you are concerned you can send me a mail to iroth@telefonica.net . Also if you have a Multiface with cardbus on a laptop which works without the noise and without any modifications, please write also. Apparently the noise only appears when using analog outputs.

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    In order to be fair towards RME, I do have to add the following to my previous post:

    The noise generated with the combination RME Multiface-Laptop is in no way due to the Audio interface, but is due to the fact that most Laptop come with a grounded power supply. As soon as one cuts of the grounding pin of the power supply, the noise will stop. Of course since this is apparently a common problem, it should be mentioned in the interface manual, which is not the case.

    Unfortunately the attitude of Matthias Carstens, boss of RME, is by my opinion the worst I ever did see and read. Statements as \"This is not our problem\" and \"to such mails I normally not even write an answer\" will for sure not encourage poeple to buy his products.

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    IGOR-I\'m experiencing the very same problem-noise from the analog outputs on
    my RME Multiface, connected to a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop,P4/512MB Ram, and
    external firewire drive for Gigastudio and Halion, working perfectly at 6ms. latency.

    I thought it was because I needed to set the internal jumpers on the Multiface to -10db.,
    even though I\'m using balanced tip-ring-sleeve 1/4 inch cables, plugged in to
    balanced inputs of a Mackie mixer.

    If you\'ve got a fix, I\'d love to hear it!

    Thanks......Roger W. Barnes in Shreveport, Louisiana

    Copy of my email to IGOR

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    I simply lifted the ground on my Inspiron power supply and like magic, the noise is gone! Hopefully, the computer is still grounded through the firewire drive. Roger B.

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