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Topic: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

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    Arrow Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    Hi Eric and all...

    As I have already stated before, I love RMX... but there are still a few things that I feel should be addressed in the next update... - one of which I've already extensively described in a previous post and a few I will mention here...

    So here goes... First one quick question that I have meaning to ask for some while...

    Do you ever intend to implement the much needed support for pitch bend? - It would be great to be able to have pitch bend set up as standard on a +/-12 basis for each part. All hardware samplers and software samplers as far as I know can do this, is there any reason why it can't be done within RMX? I realise you could route another controller to the pitch envelope, but it's not quite the same!

    Also, a second really handy feature would be for RMX to be able to respond to MIDI OFF VELOCITY.

    Now this is one thing I've been wanting for a long time, not only for RMX but for many other VSTi's too. let me explain...

    I believe it was Akai that first implemented midi off velocity in their early controller keyboards, although whilst the parameter it is still recognised and is easily adjustable within all the commercial sequencers I do not believe there are many synths (soft or hard) or controller keyboards that actually still use it as a variable controller. More often than not upon a keys release the standard midi off velocity of 64 is sent out with no option to use it as a controller to alter the sound in it's release phase after key off.

    Now this is a real shame as to me it was always a really handy controller, the reason why is simple: say for example you wanted to change the release time of a note on the fly within a sequence of notes - say whilst playing a bassline. At present the only way to do this would be by drawing in more detailed controller or automation data, or go into an even more convoluted process of setting up more than one instrument with different amplitude envelopes just for those slightly different notes.

    My point is this: In all commercial sequencers it is very simple to alter the off velociy of any given note in a sequnnce - if this were implemented as an assignable controller in RMX you would be able to route off velocity to the release portion of the amp envelope thus enabling you to control the time it takes for a drum sound to decay - you could have a different time for each and every drum hit controlled on the fly with a standard sequence of midi notes alone without any additional controller data involved at all.

    I used to use this trick on my Akai samplers all the time, so much so that I still have one set up so I can make use of this feature - it's fantastic for controlling release on bassline notes, you can be so much more expressive without the need for complex controller data, it's a feature I sorely miss in the software domain - It's soooo damn usefull! - Release rate need not be the only thing it could control though, there were many other uses too, both on drums and musical elements, controlling filters after key off etc etc... however being able to control the release rate of each individual note within a sequence is certainly the most usefull. Maybe I was the only one who tapped into this feature.. I dunno, but why it is so rarely implemented in soft synths these days is very strange

    I know some may say that being primarily a drum module RMX may not have so much of a need for the above feature, however I beg to differ, think of the possibilities and you'll see what I mean. Especially now it is becomming more common place for people to use RMX for a little more than just drums...

    Lemme know what you think!

    ...please please don't forget this other much needed feature too:


    oh, and just how long are we gonna have to wait for some news of the next update...???? hehe!


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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    Probably not super-likely that we'll be implementing release velocity support.

    What current keyboards or controllers have this implemented?

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    Arrow Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    ...whilst i'm in the "too many late nights can't sleep" mode... here's another great feature that was present only on AKAI samplers but is very sadly missing in software today...

    Once again, this might be a little tricky to explain so bear with me...

    OK, Akai samplers used to have an additional option when setting up controllers to be used for modulating a specific parameter. This didn't have a specific name I can refer to but was quite simply represented as an exclamation mark (!) positioned to the left of the controllers name i.e. "!modwheel" as opposed to "modwheel".

    Now if you selected a modulation source with the "!" next to it it meant the following: I'll quote from page 56 of the Akai S3000XL manual:

    "!Modwheel - This selects the current position of the modwheel at the time of note-on as the current controller. Moving it whilst the note is held will have no effect - it is only the position at the point of note on that has the effect"

    basically what this meant was that if you selected this controller as a mod source, only the most recent position of the modwheel would get taken into account to alter the sound at the point of note-on - any alterations whilst a note is held would be ignored. You really have to try it to see exactly what it sounds like. But trust me, it's a great trick to have up your sleeve, especialy whilst controlling filters - you can get rid of the squelchy inbetween note effect completely and just have each note sound straight but at a different cutoff point if you see what i mean... again, it's a really cool effect for both musical elements and drums.

    any way, if anyone can explain it better, please feel free to do so! - I'd certainly love a feature like this in RMX!

    (you could check out P56 of the actual S3000XL manual here if you like, it may make more sense:

    fingers crossed for the next update and all that...

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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    Hi Eric, thanks for the quick reply... as you can see I've been busy on another idea above... hehe!

    hmmm... well, I believe note-off velocity was only ever actually used as a proper controller within akai hardware during the late 80's - early 90's but what is important is that it is still supported and is easily accessable to change with a single mouse click in all the current sequencers. And that is the beauty of it, there is no need to mess around with additional controller data, you just click on a midi note and change the off velocity (which is usually set at the standard of 64) for example if you use cubase it is accessible from the note info bar at the top of the screen.

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    Arrow Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    it is worth noting that off velocity is still part of the midi standard, and quite simply a standard parameter of any midi note-off message. It just seems people have forgotten how usefull it can be - or was I the only one...? However I believe there are a a small number of soft synths that do have it available as a mod source, but not many.

    I have never personally used it live on an akai controller keyboard as I never owned one, I believe aftertouch took over, and somehow synth designers forgot about the simple beauty of this controller - from within a sequencer it certainly became invaluble as a very easy way to control the dynamics of notes on the fly without the need for extra controller data, and unlike aftertouch, it is always dead accurate and predictable as it is just a single message that's consistantly executed at the end of a note - for example if a note is exactly 16th of a bar long and off-vel is routed to a filter, the filter will change exactly upon note off which would be perfectly in time with the sequence! - being able to use it "live" from a controller keyboard is not important, it's whilst tweeking notes during sequencing in a studio when it becomes invaluble - absolutely essential especially for custom designed time critical filter effects where sync'd up lfo's are not appropriate - and theres no need for any additional fiddly controller or automation data!

    IMHO it really is a no brainer!!! i i'm damn sure anyone who ever realised it's simple effectiveness from back in the day will agree.

    - do let me know if i'm banging my head against a brick wall trying to convince you of it's importance tho! - and i'll just have to try and convince you some more!!!

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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    any opinions...?

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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    While we're on the subject of feature requests, can I suggest making RMX able to read Apple Loops as well? I seem to be accumulating a library of these which would be great to use in RMX. Or is there a batch conversion utility around?

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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    Apple loops work differently than Rex files, so in answer to your question: no. The only way to use Apple loops in RMX is to convert them as wavs in recycle by hand.

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    Re: Quick question and feature request regarding RMX...

    I had never heard of release velocity. However, I was just looking at an article about the Alesis QS8.1 keyboard (which I own) and noted the following sentence:

    "The keyboard generates both Velocity and Release Velocity data, providing a level of flexibility that most synth keyboards lack."

    The link is:


    According to the Alesis website the QS8.2 which was the later model also has release velocity. However, it lacks aftertouch. Go figure.


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