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Topic: What to buy?

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    What to buy?

    Ok guys, can anybody offer an advice about what sound/audio card I should really think about buying.

    Ok here\'s my situation:

    I need a soundcard where I can record with at least two mic\'s. So I need 2 analogue inputs?
    I need a soundcard which allows me to play my pieces without (or very limited) midi drop-outs and pops and clicks.

    Price range: $300-$600 (maybe more if I can save enough)


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    Re: What to buy?

    I\'m using a pair of Delta1010\'s and the Audiophile 24/96 from M-Audio and am very happy with them. How many ins/outs do you need?

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    Re: What to buy?

    Hi Brad,

    it\'s on my plan to publish an instrumental cd, and I need to (I think) be able to get input from two mics preferable at the same time. (Isn\'t that better than using one mic?)

    Players will be about 2-5. Do I need seperate mic for every player?

    In other words I think two I/O is enough but I\'m not completely sure.


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    Re: What to buy?

    Hey Brad

    Regarding soundcards and such for GS. How about a little quick and dirty primer on the relationship between Midi channels and number of outputs needed to keep the instruments coming out of the Giga rig separate.

    For example.... you have samples loaded into 16 channels of the first midi bank which you are driving with a keyboard controller.......now you want to port these midi channel instruments into actual separate audio input channels for recording?

    Is this done internally through the MOTU or RME or whatever, so that your soundcard outputs go to the console? Thanks


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    Re: What to buy?


    So what you\'re saying is you need to make a stereo recording of a live acoustic instrumental group, correct? There are many options here for that. How good of quality do you need? Keep in mind that most audio interfaces that have preamps on them, well...the pres are there because they can be. What I mean is, you\'re better off putting your $$$ into decent converters and buying external mic-preamps. Even something like the cheap little Presonus BlueTube would do the trick. What microphones will you be using? I would recommend to look at either the M-Audio Delta44 or the Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96. As a note you can\'t use this with Giga on XP.

    LARRY.... well if your sequencer is installed on the same system that Giga is running off of, you simply pick the track you want in your sequencing application to pick the MIDI port in Giga. But if you\'re accessing Giga from outside the computer, you do need a multi-port interface to access those other MIDI channels. I\'ve not personally done this as I\'m doing everything inside the same system...so I\'m not the best one to ask how it really works in all honesty. I do have myself a new Digi MIDI I/O on order so I can link up my two systems to try this out....

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    Re: What to buy?


    Yes, that\'s correct. I need it in good enough quality to publish it, maybe not very high-end but rather good+ quality. Understand?

    If I would buy external mic-preamp, do I need another input than audio I/O (isn\'t that correct term?)?

    Btw. I use Win ME but I would like to have the capability to switch to XP in the future.

    What about RME cards? Any good?


    Ps. what mic would you recommend?

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