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Topic: Anyone using SB Extigy with GigaStudio?

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    Anyone using SB Extigy with GigaStudio?

    The Sound Blaster Extigy is an external 24-bit USB box. It looks like it has good specs, but I\'m not sure if it will work with GSt. It is not a GSIF unit, and I have not been able to find out if it is DirectSound compatible. I can get one for just $100, so I thought it might be handy for portable use.

    thanks for any info,

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    Re: Anyone using SB Extigy with GigaStudio?

    Well, it depends, if you\'re using W2K or XP, it will not work at all with Giga...But if you are using Win98SE or WinME, Giga will work using the DirectSound driver of the extigy. So yes, Extigy is DirectSound compatible, but there is no GSIF driver at all.

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    Re: Anyone using SB Extigy with GigaStudio?

    Thanks for the info. I am using Win98SE, so it sounds like it will work. But, if the box would be useless when I eventually convert to XP, then I don\'t think I\'ll go for it. Any idea if there is a driver in work for XP (GSIF or Directsound), for this box, or is GSt + XP + Extigy simply an unworkable combination?


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