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Topic: How to map Foot Controller = Expression on a KX88

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    Re: How to map Foot Controller = Expression on a KX88

    Quote Originally Posted by dhurst
    Thanks for your comment Vic_france. I've tried remapping various CC#'s to CC#11 (using MidiPipe). No dice.

    I see StudioZ's is using a Kurzweil PC88 and that's doing the trick. I have a Kurzweil SP88. Perhaps it will work?

    Why is this CC#11 business such a bugger for so many folks?

    Just jumping in here again ...

    FWIW, I looked at the SP88 manual online, and it sure should work. Just plug your expression pedal/controller in to the Foot Control Pedal slot, then assign the control pedal to expression (11) -- their default is for Foot Controller (4), which is why you have to change it -- and once that's done you're set.

    I'm sure the method Vic has recommended will work fine for you as well. At least you know you do have a choice.

    Good luck.

    Studio V

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    Re: How to map Foot Controller = Expression on a KX88

    dbudde, your tip did the trick:

    track1 in - keyboard
    track1 out - IAC1
    track2 in - IAC1
    track2 out - Kontakt.

    (Using DP) I DID get a little hung up reassaigning continuous data from with the tracks window, which doesn't work. Once I reassigned it from within the mixing board as an insert it worked like a charm. Duh!

    However, try as I might to use "Foot Controller 2" (CC#14 [?] on the KX88) it's a no go. I have to use "Foot Controller 1" which is volume (and it's CC#17 according to Yamaha's weird system). In reassign contiuous data I'm converting CC#7 to CC#11. A mess but it works.

    Before finally getting it together with the KX88 I thought of using the Kurzweil SP88 as contoller only to discover that Yamaha (and Korg) expression pedals won't work with Kurzwiel equipment, so I was looking at purchasing another freakin' pedal. Then I was about to give it a go using the Hammond XB-2 as master keyboard.

    Sheesh! It's been a long haul. First order of business after receiving the Strad was upgrading my OS from Panther to Tiger. Documentation states the software will run on Mac 10.2.8. Not true! The Native Instruments crew informed me otherwise. I've reminded Gary to change this next time he "goes to press."

    Thanks to everyone contributing to the forum. Much appreciated!
    . . . and Vic_france, I'll explore the MidiPipe setup for the standalone approach. You are right that I need to check all of my midi and audio routing to get that off the ground.

    thanks again

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    Re: How to map Foot Controller = Expression on a KX88

    Cross post from Gearslutz:

    I just figured this out. You have to use their arcane hex system to do it.

    Hit MODE once to get into CA mode. You should see a blinking CA.

    Then hold MODE to get to PA Mode. You should now see a blinking PA.

    Next, there are two rows/banks of buttons, one is marked A, the other B. Along the A row, push the button marked 11, it should say "Control Change" underneath it.

    Once you hit this the top displays CC on the top and the bottom two dashes are blinking. Think of this step as creating a preset, but first you must select the preset you wish to program.

    Presets 40 and up are USER Custom, so just program preset 40. Under the B row of numbers, type in 51, this will actually input the numbers 40. There are secondary numbers in grey above the numbered buttons, those are the actual values. ie 1 has a small grey 0 above. Don't even ****ing ask why. Once you do this you will see two values flashing on the top display.

    Next is where you actually assign MIDI CC, and for whatever the **** reason, to get CC11 you need to type 1 and then 12. It should display 0b. I know. WTF. If you're reading the small grey numbers type in 0 followed by B. The bottom display will show a blinking 0. Just hit 1(grey 0), and Mode one more time to exit out.

    Next all you need to do is program Preset 40 to a slider, footswitch whatever. To do that, hit the MODE button followed by wheel 1-Fc2 depending on what you want to program, and then punch in 40.

    What a bullshit way to program something. I need a drink.

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