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Topic: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

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    Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    Okay, so I finally got rid of my rack of EMU E4XT Ultra and E5000 samplers and have gone with a full-boat Giga Studio setup. Why didn\'t I do this years ago! Okay, so I did this some time ago but just discovering this forum!!! :-) I am a Sales Engineer at Sweetwater BUT before you lash out at me, I really do know my stuff (or I wouldn\'t be there!). I have a great deal of real-world experience and knowledge to provide in this forum, but am also here to learn as well.... I hope to contribute to information like what\'s down the pipeline of not just Giga software, but also compatible hardware and anything else related. I do have inside information and sometimes well in advance.... so I\'ll help where I can and learn where I can.

    Anyway...just wanted to say hello to the group and introduce myself. I have an extensive background in engineering, production, and performing....... Can\'t wait to learn about what others are doing here!

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    Hello Brad,

    Welcome to the jungle, dude. You will find some of the brightest and most creative minds on the planet here. It won\'t always be pleasant but the culmination of opinion and frustration level tend to bring out some heated and brilliant debate. That\'s a big part of what makes this forum with its moderators and contributors special. I look forward to your insightful posts.


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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    G\'day Brad, I see you\'ve been using the sampler I almost bought instead of Gigasampler. At the time, I couldn\'t find a better sampler, but now... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m looking forward to sucking various useful pieces of info from your brain. Hope we don\'t leave too many cavities...

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    Well Brad, since you\'re in tight at Sweetwater (and not ashamed to admit it) I\'m thinking maybe you could swing a NS users special through sweetwater! We could buy everything through you [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Nah, in all reality welcome. You\'ll find the Libraries page gets the most action, and that may be where you\'ll spend most of your time. Enjoy!

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    You gotta give the guy a bone for trying!

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...


    Now THAT was funny.... I\'ll take it you\'re my welcoming committee :-)

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    Hey Brad [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    -david abraham

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    LOL -- well, just because you work at Sweetwater doesn\'t necessarily mean you have all the answers ... LOL ... come on now! There are alot of gents here who are DOING IT, meaning, seasoned professionals working in all facets of the industry.

    Not to mention, plenty of times i have felt like my \'sales engineer\' has been reading from a spec sheet when i call.

    I REALLY hope you guys are not recommending the Aardvark cards for Gigastudio anymore ... last time i called my salesman tried to sell me a mac (which they always try to) and told me that Aardvark is the best card for Gigastudio ... well... considering their (aardvark) driver support is obsolete, i wouldn\'t use their name in the same sentence as Gigastudio.

    Above all ---- there is probably alot you can learn from this forum. And in turn, enable you and others at Sweetwater to better serve their customers when it comes to issues concerning Gigastudio.

    Enjoy your stay.


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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    Amen about that Aardvark driver! I bought the darn thing becasue when gigasampler 64 first came out, Aark 20/20 was the talk of the GSIF town. God, what a disappointming situation with Aardvark and GSIF.

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    Re: Hello! Sweetwater rep here...

    You\'re right, there is a lot I can learn from Giga at this forum being I am farely new to it as a user. But I do have an incredible background of experience on the professional front... I\'ve been making records and doing production for Radio and Television for about 10 years, I toured as the keyboardist for Andrew Lloyd Webber\'s \"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat\" as well as \"South Pacific\". I currently am just starting the works of producing a live album on a weekly basis and am about to start the works on putting in a live television feed at my church for on-air broadcast.... so I\'m in the field too :-) Out of curiosity...who is your Sales Engineer? Macintosh computers are great, you need them for your ProTools rig :-) I\'m both a PC and Mac guy.

    As per the Aardvark, it\'s still the best driver out there BUT not for WinXP since they still do not support it. However, based on my experience, WinXP just isn\'t that great (yet) for Giga anyway. I think in time it will be. Personally, I have a pair of Delta 1010\'s as well as an Audiophile Card I use for Giga and Nuendo. I\'m getting ready to install a third Delta 1010 mainly for tracking. I\'m taking the live tracks and putting down some new keyboard stuff before flying everything into my HD3 system for mixdown. Personally, I prefer the M-Audio cards... The Aardvark\'s do provide lower latency as well as the RME cards, but I just like the sound of the M-Audio stuff myself..... of course, using an Allen & Heath GL3300 40-ch console helps that too :-)

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