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Topic: Important !!! S-convert Questions

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    Important !!! S-convert Questions

    How can I convert my Akai CDs multiple \" take \" of the same program WITHOUT s-connvert bringing in the samples each time, making my original Akai 650 Mb disk 3 times its size.
    Ex.: I was importing a program that uses 3 wavesamples. The programmer also offer 4 different version of that same program, but as you know the Akai structure allows the alternate programs to \" point \" to the wavesamples WITHOUT having to save that wave on EVERY alternate programs. When I import the program with its alternate programs, S-convert brings in the wavesample EACH times, making my original 10 Mb akai files 40 Mb ! on the HD as a Gig file.

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    Re: Important !!! S-convert Questions

    You have to take one Programm/Instrument and then
    recreate/rebuild the two others as a 2nd and 3rd Instrument in your 1st Instruments *.gig File...

    Only chance to \'combine ?!?!\' several instruments.


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    Re: Important !!! S-convert Questions

    To Manfred,

    Are you saying I basically have to reprogram from scartch the \" alternatives \" programs/instruments ??? ( man, that\'s a REAL drag ). BTW, combine does not work.

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