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Topic: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

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    Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    I just got my Audiophile 2496 in the mail, and have discovered on these forums that it has known issues w/ VIA chipsets. I\'ve got an A7V133, and when I record in Sonar from my Roland keyboard, I get clicks/pops.

    Is there some setting maybe that can remedy this? On another note, VIA has brand new 4-in-1 drivers that just came out this month. Maybe those have a fix?

    I should not have to buy a new motherboard just to get this working. I will keep complaining at both M-Audio and VIA until there\'s a resolution.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    One more thing.. I still have my Soundblaster Live sitting around. If I were to plug in both cards, how would that work exactly? so that I get MIDI, plain old audio, & GS96 working?


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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    I had the same problem. Unfortunately, the only solution I found was to get a new motherboard. I was ready for an upgrade anyway.

    You could try the 4-in-1 drivers. It\'s not going to hurt anything if you\'re already having problems.

    What OS are you using?

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    Just to inform you that it is not specificaly this audio card that has problem with VIA chipset, but almost anything that create a little PCI traffic, so ANY card that do 24bits is potentially bad on this chipset, just change the board, what does it cost compare to the sound card? 70$? 90$? It\'s worth it anyway, just to get rid of the dreaded VIA mobo....

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    Just got off the phone w/ M Audio. Don\'t know if he knows what he\'s talking about, but he says it has nothing to do w/ the motherboard or chipset. He says that the problem is that my Audiophile is on the same IRQ (9) with a bunch of other devices. Well, that\'s how Windows works. What am I supposed to do? Is this really the issue? If so, how can I change the Audiophile to a different IRQ? I use WinXP


    PS: What\'s a good motherboard to get? I\'m absolutely stuck on ASUS, so it has to be from them. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] They make great stuff

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    Ok, if you want to change mobo and stick with asus (same for me) Have a look a the A7N (N mean nForce chipset from nVidia) This one has pretty good reputation in DAWs.

    For your XP and IRQ thing, it is because it is installed in ACPI mode....

    You need to reinstall XP from scratch, and the second you see \'Press F6 to install SCSI drivers\' when you boot from CD, press F7, you\'ll get to a screen that let\'s you choose between many kind of setup (same thing for those who install XP on multi-processor system), then select \'Standard PC\' instead of \'ACPI PC\'.

    ALL devices will get their OWN IRQ then....

    Good luck!

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    But how do I know if the popping problem is because of the IRQs or my motherboard? If I turn off ACPI mode, I won\'t get power management anymore. The guy at M-Audio made it sound like most people who have semi-pro equipment don\'t use ACPI mode. Is this true? Do most people here not use it due to the IRQ problems?

    I\'m not sure where to go from here. I\'m going to go home and go into the BIOS & see if I can force PCI slot 2 to use IRQ 5 or something other than 9. If that doesn\'t work... and the new 4-in-1 VIA drivers don\'t help.. should I get a new motherboard, or turn off ACPI mode? (is a reinstall of XP necessary?) If I DO get a new motherboard, will I have to disable ACPI with that as well?

    Thanks again

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    BINGO! I didn\'t actually test this yet, but the problem w/ my ASUS board is that it has a Promise IDE controller uses PCI Slot 2.. and my Audiophile is plugged into that slot. ARGH! So I\'m moving my sound card to another slot.. we\'ll see if that fixes the problem.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    OK.. looks like that plan didn\'t work, or maybe it did. I moved the sound card OFF of PCI slot 2. I fiddled around w/ the actual card settings.. guess what was causing the pops & clicks?

    DMA BUFFER SIZE! It was set to 384 samples. I tried 2048 and it works like a charm. This increases the latency.. so.. I don\'t know what a good setting for this is. What\'s MME? Anyone know what I should use?

    Thanks. I think I got this working finally.. whether moving the sound card off PCI slot 2 helped or not, I don\'t know.. I\'m sure it did to some extent.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 on VIA motherboard.. an outrage!

    BTW, you\'ll still have power management in Standard PC mode.

    Also, try moving around to other PCI slot (obviously, you did that already), and set the IRQ using BIOS, a recommand IRQ5 (default for most soundcard) or IRQ9 (the one which have the highest priority in \'user\' IRQs according to intel x86 architecture)

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