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Topic: EWX 24/96, please help!

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    EWX 24/96, please help!

    Hi all,

    this card is beginning to annoy... [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    I am using it with cubase and gigastudio on XP.
    How do i record midi to audio?
    If i press GSIF plugin mode inthe control panel, then I can record audio from midi using gigastudio, but not hear it as it plays! & i cannot sync midi record in GS to stop start sequencer messages.
    without GSIF plugin mode enabled, no audio records.
    I cannot record midi to audio in cubase at all which is the way i\'m used to working.
    & MIDI timing is appalling.

    Moan over...for now
    If anyone is using this or a similar setup, or would just like to offer any advice/sympathy, i\'d be very grateful.

    oh yeah, i\'m using xp


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    Re: EWX 24/96, please help!

    Hello, it could be worse ! I have an XP based machine ,a Terratec EWX24/96, GS96 and Sonar 2.0, and i cannot use audio in Sonar when Giga is installed (even if closed!). I gave up and don\'t use Giga anymore ...
    Good luck...

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