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Topic: "Grand Turino" a song.

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    "Gran Torino" a song.

    Gran Torino
    By Sneaky Deaky and the Lunch Box Boys.

    It's still WIP, quite a few of the takes are just draft/practice, but we'd like to get some comments on this. It's not a professional recording, it's home studio style. Thought I'd share...

    Download: Gran Tornio


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    Re: "Grand Turino" a song.

    It sounds to me like you have a chorus which says you made money and you are cruising around like James Dean, ect but I think one needs a little more information about what went on before this scene which could be explained in some verses. Then hopefully you'll have a complete mini story for the listener.

    The verses should be structurally different from the chorus and the first line of the chorus should be the hook and probably also the title of the the song. Try and come up with a catchier phrase, something unique, take chances because this can either make or break the song despite all the instrumental work you put into it.


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    Re: "Grand Turino" a song.

    Chris, you've genuinely captured the garage band sound. (The
    first 20 second or so was inspired work... lol.)

    Seriously, nice cut, and some good arranging in it. Call me a
    child of the 70's, but I enjoyed this... nice work.

    I think Phil had some good thoughts on lyrics, by the way. I
    found myself rather expecting a strong breakaway amidships.

    Loved the acid rips around ~2:15ff, that was hot.



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    Re: "Grand Turino" a song.

    it's a nice work, I don't see how it relates to Garritan libraries though...


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    Re: "Grand Turino" a song.


    oldbob - the drums are JABB and a few trumpets layered with real recordings. haha yes the first 20 seconds is just a bit of mucking around, actually the other guys wern't even in the room when we did this, it was just two of us making it sound like more people haha.



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