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Topic: 2 Sound cards used for different reasons, Important!

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    2 Sound cards used for different reasons, Important!

    Ok, I\'m new to GigaStudio and it appears that no PC sound card will run Giga besides a pro, to semi-pro sound card with Giga Support.

    I have an Audigy for gaming and it works fine in Nuendo, especially to mix into 5.1 surround and I get 7ms latency which is great for midi only recording.

    If I install the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard with the Audigy still in the computer I want to know if I will have problems.

    All I need the Audiophile for is for Gigastudio and it would be nice to record using a better card, but the Audigy can mix into 5.1 and I\'m not sure the Audiophile has those kinds of outputs. Does anyone else use a 2 card configuration that works nicely?

    I\'ll buy this card if you assume this will work.

    Running Win XP.

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    Re: 2 Sound cards used for different reasons, Important!


    I cannot answer you question directly but may be that will also help..

    Currently I`m looking for soundcard and reading reviews..Looks like Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96 supports Gigastudio GSIF & ASIO drivers and also has 3 channel output wich you can use for 5.1 mixing..
    The PCI card has three 3 linear connectors of the stereo minijack format for 5.1 acoustic system, as well as for 4-channel or simple stereo.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Check my other post for review links..

    I hope this helps..


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