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Topic: Question about IRQ's

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    Question about IRQ\'s

    Okay...I pulled out the SBLive and tossed it on the shelf. Creative insists that the Audigy is rock-solid under Win XP.

    I\'m using a Gina20 for Giga, but I still need to do GM development, so I want to be able to have a wavetable card onboard. I installed the Audigy, disabled the game port and the Firewire port.

    I still get lockups. The Audiogy is sharing IRQ 10 with the USB controller, but IRQ 5 is unused. Any way I can get one of these devices moved to IRQ 5 so there\'s no sharing? Of course, I\'m ASSUMING the IRQ -sharing is the culprit...I may be way off-base.

    Creative declines to answer email. A little strange, considering they GAVE me the Audigy because they know I\'m developing for PC products, and they knew I was having problems with the SBLive.

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    You can\'t use the Audigy with GSt under XP. You must have a GSIF card.

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    You have to move it around, try different PCI slot...
    IRQ will change this way.

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    Originally posted by Bill:
    You can\'t use the Audigy with GSt under XP. You must have a GSIF card.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Does that mean I can\'t even have the Audigy installed? I have Giga\'s outputs routed only to the Gina, and I use the Audigy in Sonar.

    Right now I can\'t figure out if Giga just causes problems in XP, or if the Creative cards cause problems. With Giga uninstalled, the Audigy and Gina work fine under all audio apps.

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    Originally posted by marcuspocus:
    You have to move it around, try different PCI slot...
    IRQ will change this way.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'ll try that...thanks.
    Is there any way to predict which PCI slot will use which interrupt, or is it trial and error?

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    Yeah, totaly right. Since it is the first thing i do when installing XP (deactivating ACPI by selecting Standard PC) i wrongly assumed that everybody already done this [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    Changing PCI slots for your audio card much probably won\'t make the IRQ to change, because Windows XP, by default, uses a protocol called \"ACPI\" to automatically handle IRQs.

    You need to deactivate the ACPI in order to be able to assign different IRQs to your cards.

    Download and read this PDF file to understand how ACPI works and how to deactivate it:


    if you still have problems, do not hesitate to contact me, you can find my email address in my web site.

    Best luck!

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    Can I disable ACPI without reinstalling windows XP????

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    Re: Question about IRQ\'s

    Yes, but not recommended, you\'re heading for trouble.

    Go in system manager-> Computer->Acpi PC and right-click->Properties->Update drivers.

    Select \'Standard PC\' as the new one.

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