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Topic: ASIO Swapping, Virtual I/O, etc.

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    ASIO Swapping, Virtual I/O, etc.

    Suppose you wished to use your PC in a live performance, and you wished to be able to \"hot swap\" the stereo analog outputs between proggies like GigaStudio, a VST Host, and stand-alone synth software, all ASIO compliant.

    Is the a way to do this instantly, without loading and unloading applications? Perhaps some software exists that creates virtual ASIO outputs that mixdown to the audio card\'s analog outs.

    I know Echo cards have virtual outputs, but I don\'t have Echo, I have M-Audio Delta 44.

    You can\'t really share the outputs, at least not with Giga, because Giga starts to choke right away when another app grabs the same outputs. Also, some applications simply won\'t load the ASIO drivers when they detect another app using them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: ASIO Swapping, Virtual I/O, etc.

    Basicaly, Asio is not multiclient at all. Was not designed this way right from start. But, have to cheap card, each with an ASIO driver would do the trick, and as for giga, it is a diferent driver (GSIF) so you can easily use GIGA and ASIO at the same times.

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