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Topic: Giga Seems Sluggish w/ 1010

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    Giga Seems Sluggish w/ 1010

    Hello all.

    I guess this is a two part post. First, I have a Soundchaser TK1 w/ a delta 1010 (lots of RAM, 1.4 ghz, etc. good machine). I\'ve been using the system for a few months now, relatively happily. I\'m on a project arranging and sequencing rhythm section stuff and I\'m having a real problem with the timing of drum sounds coming from giga. Seems like latency, but from what I\'ve heard, and read here on this forum, the 1010 is supposed to be a quick soundcard. I was wondering if there are any ways to improve the performance in this area. Or, settings to be adjusted that I haven\'t thought of.

    Second: Even at it\'s best is Giga really fast enough for those of you who are players? I\'m a decent pianist and drummer. I\'m pretty happy with the Gigapiano as it plays on my system. It\'s a tad sluggish but not so much that it effects the feel/groove. With the drum and percussion sounds, however, its often hard for me to play into the sequencer what I want because the response is so slow. Any simillar experiences out there?

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    Re: Giga Seems Sluggish w/ 1010

    Setting the buffer size in the M-Audio control panel (it\'s the options tab?) allows you to adjust the amount of latency, but setting too low a value may cause popping. The lower the value the less latency you should experience.

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    Re: Giga Seems Sluggish w/ 1010

    My 1.4 ghz machine cannot hang with the lowest latency setting on the 1010(336). 528 samples is the lowest setting I can use without crackles. Is this normal? If my math is correct 528 sample latency @ 44,100 samples per second works out to 0.0119 seconds of latency. That\'s 119 milleseconds (at best); an appreciable amount of delay. Should I start shopping for a better sound card?

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    Re: Giga Seems Sluggish w/ 1010

    I don\'t know the formula, but i know that 512 samples is 13ms. That\'s the setting of my card anyway (i don\'t have a 1010). [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Giga Seems Sluggish w/ 1010

    Hey Steve,

    I have a Soundchaser built machine and use a 1010. I have never noticed any latency issues. If you haven\'t already, email Soundchaser with your issue. I\'ve found their customer service to be very good. Even though my processor is faster, you shouldn\'t be able to detect any latency from your machine based on my experience. Good luck with it.

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