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Topic: Help - will my sound card work?

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    Help - will my sound card work?

    I was planning on buying the voices of the apocalypse cds for giga and then giga studio.

    Questions are:
    1) Running windows 98 with sound blaster live value sound card will Giga Studio work on it?
    I don\'t know if I have a GSIF compatible sound card..What is GSIF ?
    2) Can I get by with running the voices of the apocalpse cds on the basic gigastudio (the $99 version) or do I need to get one of the larger ones?

    Thanks - I\'m new to giga studio.

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    Re: Help - will my sound card work?

    Soundblaster cards are not GSIF but run fine with Giga under Windows 98. Not so, however, with 2000 or XP. For these you must have a GSIF card.

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