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Topic: Orchestra Education Application - Does it exist?

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    Orchestra Education Application - Does it exist?

    Seasons greeting to the Garritan Community. I was introduced to your site through the NY Times and appreciate the Christmas carols.

    Exploring a little further it is great to see applications such as the Personal Orchestra. However, it's not quite the application I am seeking.

    In summary, I'd love to be able to play a piece of music with an "orchestra" allowing the listener to turn the various orchestra sections "on" or "off". As an example, I'd like to take one of the tracks from the Garritan demo section (say the Beethoven's Fifth Symphony) and interactively turn on and off each of the sections of the orchestra.

    As an example, the interactive website http://www.rene-rowland.com/education/orchestra/ offers some of the concepts without executing it quite the way I imagine. For example, I conceive of being able to start a nominated tune (eg the Fifth) with a visual indicator on the bottom of the page indicating progress (perhaps a display of progress through the score). As the user clicks on each of the symphony sections in the main graphic (first violins, second violins, cellos, flutes, clarinets, percussion) the appropriate elements would be added to the "tune" being played.

    As the user clicks on the section again the relevant section is muted. This would allow me (and my children) to hear how each group of instruments adds to the total effect of the orchestra.

    I am aware that this is (in effect) what the scoring applications are doing, but the interface is not ideal for someone like myself who has no musical training (though, as a former programmer, I know exactly how I'd write such an application under Windows if I had the "voices" and score).

    I am hoping to find such an application for the education of my children and myself. A little frustratingly, the closest I have seen was a demo application which allowed various "voices" to be turned on and off on my Amiga 1000 in 1987 while playing samples of classical music.

    If anyone knows of such an educational application I'd love to hear about it.


    The Colonel.

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    Re: Orchestra Education Application - Does it exist?

    In the Sonar sequencer you set up your own orchestra (and provide your own appropriate sounds, whether it be GPO or anything else.)

    It is now perfectly easy to allocate your instruments into whatever groups you want, and to turn a group on or off with a single click during performance using the Mute function.

    But of course you have to enter all the notes into Sonar in the first place...

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    Re: Orchestra Education Application - Does it exist?

    Some years ago, a program called "Wow Bach" was given for free for some time. I download it and it was interesting, can do something of what you want. It`s not longer free,but here it is:

    Marcelo Colina

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