As you sit in comfort making music, with a roof over your head keeping you and your computer warm, and a padded seat cradling your posterior, it’s easy to forget that others aren’t so fortunate.

Tonight across the world, thousands of computers will shut down without having an orchestra, a jazz and big band or a Stradivari in them. They’ll boot up another day uncertain about what tomorrow may bring.

The music in the heart will remain locked up and the unwritten and unrealized music will be a loss for the world.

But his doesn't have to be. There are a few days left in the group buy.

This is your friendly reminder that the Garritan Holiday Group Buy will end at midnight on New Years Eve. Now is the time to get the Stradivari 2.0 (even MacIntel compatible), the Jazz and Big Band and the Personal Orchestra for only $139 each. After that the prices go back up.

Happy New Year to All!

Gary Garritan