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Topic: Ram disk

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    Ram disk

    Is is possible to designate a ram disk in windows, load all the gigapiano sounds into the ram disk, then configure gigastudio to stream the samples from the ram disk rather that from the hard drive?

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    Re: Ram disk

    I don\'t think Ramdisks are possible in Win95 on.

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    Re: Ram disk

    An interesting subject: I never tried that but could work. You can use any ram-disk specific application to create one virtual disk unit out of 1Gb Ram (let\'s say), then open Gigastudio and load the Gigapiano from the .GIG file located into the Ram-disk. That should work with no problems. The question is: will it be convenient to do so? Being not a dangerous operation I suggest you to give it a try. Consider that this trick (if working) will be useful only in certain situation, for example: you need a computer to load just the gigapiano and act as a piano module but the computer does not have fast streaming hard drives.

    Best luck,

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    Re: Ram disk

    Actually, since GigaStudio uses RAM for buffering, you would need a LOT of RAM to do this. It doesn\'t have any routines for re-allocating RAM as instrument storage/retrieval, so it would not treat such a scenario any differently than a discrete disk. Since nice fast RAM is more expensive than huge hard drives with big buffers, I wonder how cost effective such a move would really be. Certainly it would not be very RAM efficient, since GigaStudio can buffer a huge array of instruments in a GB of RAM as opposed to containing perhaps only one or two large instruments in the same RAM-disk situation at best. Overall, it just wouldn\'t be a very efficient use of a machine.

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    Re: Ram disk

    From my point of view too, I fully agree with what Bruce said: it won\'t be a great use of a machine (saved those specific needs I wrote about in my previous posts).

    hope this helps,

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