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Topic: Another Luna II question

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    Another Luna II question

    Hi all,

    I\'m finaly taking the new card next week, and I\'m still not sure what to get...so here are my final questions about Luna II...
    My first question is how heavy is Luna II on system recources....GS160 needs lots of RAM and all the PCI bandwith that it can get...So how would Luna II and GS160 work together in same machine concerning RAM and PCI band? I do mostly orchestral stuff with big libraries..
    The other question is...As far as I understand when I install Luna II ,GS160 will have 32 stereo outputs available, right?
    Now this is probably the most important feature for me...
    Will I be able to record 32 separate tracks from GS160 in to Sonar on same machine trough internal routing?
    My machine will be Athlon XP1600, 1Gb DDR, and very fast HD\'s....
    So will I be able to have Luna II, GS160 and Sonar all runing in the same time on this machine and be able to record 32 or 16 chanels from GS160 in to Sonar trough internal routing?

    Hope someone can help...



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    Re: Another Luna II question

    ...where is \"marcuspocus\" when I need him...hehe

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    Re: Another Luna II question

    Hi, i\'m here....

    Yes, you\'ll be able to route internaly 32 channels to sonar... But be warn! Sonar use WDM driver, which are not very fast on Luna right now... The new version officialy getting out in 2 week, which will have 11ms latency...

    With Asio driver for example, you get 3ms very easily.

    For the PCI bandwidth, just make sure you\'re not using a VIA chipset... Or you\'ll run into trouble (PCI-overflow error)

    And for system resources, except for the ram used for displaying the OS, SFP use NO system resources at all, that is because of everything is happening on DSP (directly on the luna)...

    So i wish you good luck, and come see the REAL creamware user self-managed forum


    C Ya!

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